Friday, September 4, 2009

Cantido's Blue Raptor Mech (WIP) GMOD

This is a work in progress, I have not finished the legs yet. It's missing the feet, the elastics to keep the legs in place, and I need to tune a walking chip before I will post a complete demonstration video. I will be using Sestze's hip based bipedal walking chip in the final version. if you haven't seen it, I would suggest you check it out. It's pretty impressive and will work for any bipedal design after you fine tune the variables. :) I can't wait.

I just wanted to demo this project to show everyone what I've been working on. The one thing that I like is the arms are mouse aimed turrets and will aim where ever I look! :) I have a shipping container in the background to illustrate that this mech should stand roughly about as tall it by the time I am done. I may make a tracker camera for my next video so that I can have it tag along while I show off my mech.

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